Sites That Actually Help with Skill Building.

Time and again, I have found the sudden surge of motivation to learn something new die down even before I have learnt the basics. Why? Because finding convenient and cheap (or free) resources drains out all my energy. To save you the trouble, here are a few sites that offer amazing resources:

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An Ode to Black

Decomart FF Regular


“Why do you always wear black?”
“Are you always sad?”

It’s not just the colour of sadness you associate it with,
It’s the solace I found by bleeding into my shadow;
It’s the darkness of my locks and orbs
It’s the night sky shrouded by clouds.

It’s not just death you make it reflect
It’s the tar in my heart;
It’s the darkness of the abyss, that is my soul;
It’s the nightfall that I’m so in love with.

It’s not sunflower yellow that smells like spring
It’s not the Barbie pink that symbolises womanhood
It’s not the vermillion red that seduces and oozes self esteem
It’s the forbidding black that suffocates all of your colours, it’s my happy colour.

So forgive me for bringing the funeral to your celebration
Though, it is not I who
Crowned semblance supreme but you.


I’m not downright livid about almost everyone always commenting about my dark outfits but of course the world would seem a lot brighter if such comments weren’t passed cause they sometimes do get under my skin. ha ha ha. 





Everyone’s Cup of Tea!


The first question people ask me when they realise I’m a bookworm is, “Could you recommend me some names? I haven’t read a book in ages.” (or, “Gosh! You’re such a nerd. How do you get the time to read?” *eye roll* )

I, for some unknown reason, find it kind of difficult to just suggest books right off the bat. So to save me from those awkward moments, here’s what I think are 5 Books Everyone Will Enjoy (Probably) !

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